Vesuvio Pizza opened its doors in Ukraine in 1992, when Myron Spolsky, a Canadian, brought the original recipe from his native Canada.  The first location in the Communications College on vul. Leontovycha in Kyiv, began making and selling pizzas on5 August 1992.  Vesuvio Pizza was the first to make fresh pizzas for Kyivans to savour.  Our pizzas are made in an American style – the main difference between the American style and Italian is that our pizza are deep dish and we offer a large selection of toppings.

A classical Italian pizza retains its taste for only 15 minutes after it’s prepared.  That’s why restaurants which specialise in making thin crust pizza often don’t have home delivery of their products.

Because of our original recipes, which were developed by well known chefs in Italy, Canada and Ukraine, Vesuvio Pizza is the best.  Our pizzas are great, whether eaten fresh or even out of the fridge.

Our first pizzeria opened in the summer of 1994.  Located at Reitarska 25, it is near Kyiv’s historical sites – the St. Sophia Cathedral and the Golden Gates.

Vesuvio Pizza is a favourite of Kyivans and visitors to this city, who appreciate our Italian kitchen, good music and great service.  And even though a great deal has changed over the 20 years since we first started Vesuvio, our quality continues to retain its high level.