Vesuvio on Reitarska

Just up the street from Kyiv’s Golden Gate and St Sofia Cathedral, on vul. Reitarska 25, in one of the more peaceful areas of the city, sits Vesuvio Pizza.  Opening the door to this familiar space, a mirror coverting the entire wall still impresses;  it’s as warm and cosy as it ever was.  Tables covered in floral tablecloths create a real Italian atmosphere.  There is an intriguing ornamental Ukrainian flair thrown in for good measure with beautiful painted plates and dark brown ceramic sculptures placed in various corners.

The summer terrace (which opens as soon as weather permits in the spring) is done up in pastel fabrics, with an intricate stone floor (blankets are provided for colder evenings).
This is a family restaurant with smoking not permitted indoors.  Children are welcomed!
(with thanks to What’s On Kyiv)
vul. Reitarska 25
Tel.:  (044) 278-3028, 235-6681, 468-6462
Hours:  10:00 – 22:00 hrs
Skype:  vesuviopizzakyiv